Spearfishing and Scuba Certification


Sunset Tour
$29 adult / $15 child (Under 12 who shares a double boat w/adult)

The sunset is nowhere more beautiful in the Outer Banks than on the water. We head out before sunset so we're in place to enjoy the view, and return just before dark. Bring something to drink or snack on and relax island style. Available most evenings and locations vary according to wind directions.

Kayak and SUP Rentals & Tours
An unforgettable experience.

$29 single kayak or paddleboard

$58 double kayak

All tours are 2.5 hours long and include a guide with all required kayak gear. All children under 12 years of age will be considered under the "child" price and must share a double kayak with an adult.

Alligator River National Wildlife Tour​
$39 per person (5 person minimum)
Explore the wild side of the Outer Banks. This tour to Alligator River NWR winds through the pocosin and woods of one of the most unique surrounding areas. American alligators are frequently seen in the river, and the water is a beautiful black from cypress trees. Songbirds, reptiles, and the occasional black bear or bobcat compose a lovely soundtrack to the tour. You won't believe you're only 15 minutes from the beach!

Activities Tour
$29 adult / $15 child (under 12 who shares a double boat w/adult)

Popular with children and adults, this tour gives you a hands-on look at the wildlife of the Outer Banks. The salt marshes are home to a vast array of plants and animals that includes fish, crabs, shrimp, clams, oysters, mussels, and more. We'll try to get a closer look at them with a seine net, dip nets, and buckets while learning about their respective life cycles. Then we'll let them go about their business. Great wet fun on a hot afternoon. Available Monday-Saturday during both the morning and afternoon. Tours leave from Roanoke Island and Nags Head


Kayak Lessons
$25 / hour
Interested in learning how to kayak but don't want to do it on your own?  We have ACA Kayak Instructors who can tailor the lesson for what ever skills you wish to acquire.  Small class sizes - 1-2 people.

Wildlife Eco-Tour
$29 adult / $15 child (under 12 who shares a double boat w/adult)

This tour searches for the range of birds in the Outer Banks, such as osprey, herons, egrets, and ducks. Along the way you'll learn about the natural history of the Outer Banks and its flora and fauna. Available 7 days a week in both the morning and afternoon, and locations vary around Roanoke Island and Nags Head according to wind directions.


Join us as we explore Everglades National Park each winter.


$30 half day/$45 full day

Full Moon Tours
$29 per person

Peaceful and beautiful, our full moon tour meets just before sunset. You'll be amazed at how beautiful the sunset is on the water, followed by the rising of the moon. And even at night the wildlife of the Outer Banks can be active, and the full moon lights your way!  Avaliable for 1 day before and the day of the full moon.

Bioluminescence Night Tour
$29 per person

During the warm summer nights and dark of a new moon, the waters of the Outer Banks and surrounding salt marshes come alive with color. Every movement of the bioluminescent organisms produces light! From the swirl of the paddle or the trail of a moving school of fish, the bacteria light up the night. This Nags Head phenomenon is a must-see. We supply all lights and cylume sticks.  Available near the new moon in July and August.