The Down Time holds 6 people maximum
Charters are seasonal May-October as weather permits
Weights included. No fuel surcharge.
Tanks (steel and aluminum), all Scuba gear, computer, mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit,

weight belt, hood and gloves are available for rental.

Air or Nitrox available
We have a full-service dive shop for any items you may need.

DIVE SITES (click for link)


We try to help you find the dive for your experience and comfort level.  We run charters everyday, 7 days a week, May through September, as long as conditions allow.  You can inquire as to which dive sites are available when you call to book.   Remember, we cannot control the conditions or other diver experience.   We really want everyone to have a safe dive and enjoy themselves. 

As a certified diver, you should be able to plan and conduct your own dives, with a buddy, in conditions within the limits of your certification. A dive guide can help you get the most out of your dives in an unfamiliar location and avoid obvious risks. But ultimately, you are in charge of your own dive from start to finish. You must determine your own fitness to dive on any given day and decide if you’re comfortable with the dive conditions and location. Your safety underwater is ultimately your own responsibility, including checking your equipment, even if you’ve rented it. The dive shop must maintain and the equipment and have it inspected, but you have a responsibility to double-check and to assemble and use it correctly. If you receive faulty gear or you don’t know how to operate it, you must let the dive guide know.

Need Gear?  We have full gear rentals available.  Air or Nitrox.  If you need rental equipment you can come to the shop prior to the dive and try on gear,  and then we will bring it to the boat for you.  If you only need tanks and weights, tell us when you book what size tank and we will have it at the dock for you.  We know you are on vacation and will try to minimize your running around.  Don't forget your certification card.  We recommend taking a picture of it on your phone.  It is your responsibility to have your certification card.  If you don't


Dive sites include:  Wrecks near the shore,

65 and 102 degree towers


Available March - May 15 and Sept. 15 - Nov.
These are 1/2 day trips.  
Leave dock @7:00am return @11:00am

Or leave dock at 11:30 and return @3:30pm

Inshore fishing trips for: 

Cobia, mackeral, bluefish, trigger, tautog, flounder, etc.
Captain Matt has a lifetime of fishing experience on the Outer Banks and can get you on the fish if they are out there.  We provide all tackle, bait, ice and experience.


Dive Charters available 7 days a week! 

Scuba Diving Wreck Dive Charter

$130 pp for 2 tank dive

HALF DAY BOAT  leaves dock at @7:00 returns @12 to 1:00pm.  These are average times and actual time depends on dive site. 

Dive sites include Advance (AR140), Jackson and U85,

Depths of these wrecks are 70 - 100 ft.
 To book a dive charter, we recommend you have  an advanced diver certification and have proof of experience diving in the ocean north of Florida to at least 80 ft.  If not, then you will need to hire the divemaster to dive with you or dive with an experienced buddy.  We also highly recommend dive insurance such as DAN due to the long distance to a chamber if you should require one.

​ If you are not comfortable diving off a boat or do not have a buddy, Guided dives are available (diving with an instructor or divemaster) There is  an additional $35.00 charge per person.


We have two spearfishing charters available. 

2-4 ppl w/Captain Dave on the smaller boat

or 6 ppl w/Captain Matt on the big boat. 

One or two locations, boat leaves dock @7:00 returns @2:00pm. Actual time depends on dive site.

Note: we do not rent spearguns, but we have a huge selection for sale!