Beach dives are a great way to gain experience diving in the ocean off NC without the depth of our boat dives.  Each dive is guided by a Divemaster.  With every dive, you need to be able to set up your own equipment and know your sizes and how much weight you need.   

These may be perfect for you if:

1)  Newly certified diver with little or no ocean experience.

2)  Rusty Diver who wants to refresh their skills.

3)  Are VERY comfortable in the ocean.

4)  Any diver who wants the experience of a beach dive.

5)  You are in good physical condition and can walk @50 yards across the beach with your equipment on (50lbs), are flexible enough to put your fins on in the ocean and can fin out about 150 yards on the surface.

All of our beach dives are guided and all of our guides are experienced, insured and active NAUI instructors or divemasters.  On these dives, we guide you to the wreck site and run a wreck reel for you to follow.  If you need further help or want to hire your personal instructor or dive master, that can be arranged.

Here are the main wrecks we visit on our beach dives.

HURON- a 541 ton federal gunship steamer with sail. Went down with 98 crewmen on November 24, 1877, 150 yards offshore @20 feet of water.  Nags Head

EXPLORER - Tugboat. Lost on December 12, 1919. Milepost 11, just 100 yards north of Huron. 150 yards offshore, @20 feet of water.  Nags Head

CARL GERHARD - The Triangle Wrecks - a freighter carrying plasterboard. Lost in September 1927. Ran into the Kyzickes and broke in two. Mile post 7, 2nd street parking area, Kill Devil Hills, @200 yards offshore @20 feet of water. This is our most popular dive. 

Kill Devil Hills.

KYZICKES - The Triangle Wrecks - a tanker carrying oil. Cut in two when it was rammed by the Carl Gerhard. 4 crewman lost. Milepost 7, 2nd street, Kill Devil Hills @20 feet of water. 

Kill Devil Hills.

Cost:  $40 per person.  

We usually dive in Kill Devil Hills or Nags Head.  Inquire which dive site when booking.

Times:  Changes seasonally but we usually meet at 7:00am or 7:30am.    

We Rent all equipment you need!

Rental gear is additional.   If you give us your sizes when you book we will bring a selection of dive gear with us to save you running up and down the beach.  Of course, you can always stop buy the shop the day before the dive to try on the gear.


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