We carry the largest selection of spearfishing equipment in eastern North Carolina and Virginia-- at the lowest prices! If you're new to the sport then take a class and learn how to hunt.



Enjoy the view looking down with our one-of-a-kind kayak tours and stand-up paddleboards. The Outer Banks has an incredible variety of wildlife just waiting for you to explore.



Either off the beach or off our new charter boat, SCUBA dive your way through the "Graveyard of the Atlantic" with over 600 shipwrecks to choose from. Or take a few days to increase your certification with our many course offerings.



Underwater world not your thing? Let us set you up with biking gear and some knowledge of the beautiful trails on Roanoke Island for a day in the sun that you won't soon forget.

Welcome to the beach!

At Roanoke Island Outfitters, we've been enjoying everything the Outer Banks has to offer since 1983. And now it's our turn to show you! Whatever you feel like doing today, be it spearfishing, scuba diving (or improving your certification), kayaking, biking, or fishing, we've got you covered. What are you waiting for?

Wreck Dive Boat charters  aboard
"The Down Time"

for SCUBA diving, Spearfishing, and Sport fishing 

Full day: $130.00
Afternoon: $90.00
Book the boat: $780.00

28 / 01 / 2013

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Roanoke Island Outfitters and Dive Center


34 ft, 6 person maximum

Roanoke Island Outfitters and Dive Center
312 Hwy 64Manteo, NC27954US
Phone: 252-473-1356 Website: http://roanokeislandoutfittersanddivecenter.com/
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Manteo, NC